"Coupon marketing is one of the only measurable forms of marketing!"

  • Coupons automatically resize for any device!

  • Location Targeting: Separate coupons automatically offered for different locations

  • Schedule Campaigns by Day, Date, Time, (Eg. For restaurants show deals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Monday and Tues only)

  • Split test unlimited pages/coupons.

  • Incentivized Viral Sharing (get 10% off or tell two buddies and get 50% off!)

  • Powerful marketing tools, scarcity widget, deals remaining widget (‘Only xx out of xxx left”, “offer ends specific date/time.

  • Dynamic Google Maps integration (one touch directions to your business)

  • Video Player (mobile compatible videos)

  • Coupon Redemption tracking/limiting (UPC coupons also available)

  • Coupon Analytics Dashboard (See how your offers are performing complete report customization)

Mobile Coupons Are Available To PRO Business Listings Within TWApp! They Are Also available As A Stand-Alone Service! Contact Us For More Information.