2What Are The Costs?
The costs per lead and live calls vary for different types of businesses, the calls we provide are exclusive to your business and are not shared with your competitors. Please contact us for a competitive quote.
3Do I Have To Pay For Calls That Don’t Lead To Sales?
The leads we provide are live calls which get you in front of customers immediately. When you pay for a phone lead, you are paying for the opportunity to get connected directly to somebody who needs exactly what you offer right now which gives you the best chance of arranging an in-person quote for the job, but the job is not guaranteed.
I will say that our calls convert very well because they are targeted from your service area and are for the services you provide.
There aren’t any companies that provide a service where you only pay for leads that only convert to sales that use this model, you’d be moving towards % of contacts/jobs which is difficult to track.
Buying leads can be a great way to grow your business fast, especially if you are just getting started or when things are slow or you may be looking to expand into a new area.
You will also have access to a login area where you can review all the calls sent to you and if a caller is looking for a service you don’t provide or isn’t in your service area then you don’t pay for it, we will give you a credit for those calls. You also don’t pay for callers who call back.

4How Do You Generate The Calls/Leads?
We generate the leads by targeting people searching for the services your company provides in the areas you service through Google/Bing and Facebook ads. If you receive a call/lead outside your service area or for a service you don't provide you do not pay for that call.
5How Many Companies Do You Send The Calls To?

Calls are only provided to one company(yours) and are direct calls when the customer is actually in need of the service which significantly improves your chances of landing a job, we think these are the best types of leads.

Most companies provide shared leads which means you and 3 to 4 other companies get the same leads which obviously greatly reduces the chances of landing a job because you effectively end up in a bidding war with the other 3 or 4 other companies that get the same lead, a lot of companies we talk to have tried this model and feel it does not work for them.